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  • Using Track-R

  • How many URLs can I add?

    No matter what package you buy, you can add as many URLs as you like.

  • How many keywords can I add?

    Whatever package you have will limit the amount of keywords you can add. If you start to run out, simply use the upgrade button and move up a package instantly.

  • How can I integrate Track-R into my site?

    We have easy integrations of Track-R into a mobile app, Shopify app and WordPress plugin, with more integrations coming. If you have a need or are a developer, and want Track-R integrated into a different platform, we can be sure to try and help if the demand is there. Contact us for more information.

  • What type of reports can I send?

    We have a variety of reports you can send to your clients, customers or to keep every month as to see progression through the Google rankings. You can add your custom logo and schedule the reports so they can be sent every day, week or month at whatever day or date you specify.

  • What languages is Track-R available in?

    Track-R is available in the following languages. More will be added if required and the demand is there. If we don’t currently support your language, you can use a browser plugin or Google translate, but the web and mobile apps are developed to be more about numerical data and easy-to-read graphics, so that the language of the words is not 100% necessary, in most cases.

  • Payments

  • How can I upgrade or change my package?

    Within your dashboard there is an ‘upgrade’ button or click on Account and change the package to your desired one. We have made Track-R very affordable that makes it easily the best and most value for money Google rank tracker on the market.

  • What payment processors can I choose from?

    Currently, we have PayPal subscription (whereby you can use a credit card even if you don’t have a PayPal account) or if you prefer to go through Stripe, which allows you to pay quick and easily.

  • Do you offer refunds?

    As we offer a 7 day trial period, we do not offer any refunds. If Track-R is not right for you, then a week is more than enough time to find that out.

  • How can I download an invoice?

    In the Account section of your dashboard, you can choose what invoices to download for your records.

  • Technical

  • Can I make a suggestion for Track-R to be even better?

    Yes, of course, just send us a message via the Contact Us form. We love to hear of any improvements you may think of that can help not only your own experience better but all of our customers’, too.

  • Do I need proxies?

    No, we handle all of the technical requirements for running our search engine rank tracker. All you need to do is add your keywords and URLs, and let us provide the ranking data.

  • Does Track-R work on mobiles?

    Yes, you can view the app perfectly on any device but we also have a mobile app to make viewing data even easier. As we’re in the online marketing industry we know that checking your own or your client’s rankings on-the-move is vitally important.

  • Affiliate Marketing

  • What is the affiliate marketing program?

    Click on the footer link to the Affiliates section. We offer a referral system whereby you gain a monetary commission for sending us customers. You get a recurring income from this as a benefit and a continued ‘thanks’ from Track-R. Many people make a good living from sending us customers, whether it’s 1 or 100 customers; they receive money every month for their efforts. The answer to your next question is; anyone with a website can use and utilise the data provided by Track-R, so get spreading the word and start earning!


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