We live in an era of a digital world where almost everything happens online and one who knows what people are looking for online, hold the key to success. Businesses need cutting edge advantage to win over customers from the competition. In an every growing market it is essential to know where your business stands compared to the rest of the industry. In an age where “information is wealth” Track R puts you at the forefront of all the action. It guides you to by tracking keywords and analyses your position in the market so that you are aware of how broad your reach is in the market.

Track R is like your trainer at the Gym that.

  1.    keeps track of your progress.
  2.    motivates you to make necessary steps.
  3.    works tirelessly behind the scenes to provide you with an upper hand.
  4.    makes sure you are keep growing in not just your local market but also nationally and internationally too.
  5.    Allows you the flexibility of tracking various keywords at once.
  6.    Allows you to change or delete keywords with a stroke of few buttons.
  7.    Provide you with highest possible accuracy in the results rendered.
  8.    Help you track your ever-growing keyword cluster and targeted market space.
  9.    Works an assistant to help you make necessary changes by suggesting keywords that are best for your business and provide you with an advantage over your competition.
  10.    Arranging all of your keywords in a highly efficient manner to ensure maximum visibility and boost for your website.
  11.    Check your progress on the go by using the latest mobile app available for both Android and iOS platforms.
  12.    With WordPress plugin the results can be scheduled and downloaded in PDF, CSV, XSLX formats which could later be checked while on the move on your mobile devices or your desktops.
  13.    Soon you will have more power to integrate app plugins so that you can monitor progress and development on the fly.
  14.    A clear picture of your websites ranks standing from major players like Amazon, Yahoo, Bing, etc., as well.

Track R is so comprehensively powerful that even the pricing looks like a steal deal.  Depending on nature of your business and its reach you could choose from “micro” to “monumental” packages.

While micro is more suitable for small-scale businesses, there are other tiers of comprehensive packages that are best for mediums scale and large scale clients who are looking to maximize their output with minimal effort. There are custom packages as well if you feel the need to have a more personalized plan catering to your specific needs and requirements.

It is hard to believe that the best Google ranking and position software is so readily available to everyone from ‘mom & pop’ shops to large business conglomerates. It is all been made possible by the tech team behind the development of Track R that has outdone all competition through great perseverance and commitment over the course of years to bring you this utterly unique product that can not only boost your business but also guide you through the vast interwebs. The underdogs of the industry have come out with a bang and would give your business a similar push to let you achieve your dreams and goals.

Track-R.net gives you this chance to achieve your goals and dreams with the team of experts that are dedicated, hard-working.

For more information, please visit the website and get in contact with us. Our dedicated team of experts will make sure to cater to your specific needs and to boost your site’s traffic with minimal required time and least effort from you.