Website tracking is the keeping record of the activities that are going on in a particular website during a specific time and also the changes that happen in that given website.

Site tracking websites like help track the activities of the visitors on the website during the time that they visit the site.


Why use

The answer is straightforward, will help you get an insight on how your website or any given website is being used, and also it records the traffic that accesses it. can let you know exactly which pages the users or the visitors have clicked on. It can check for how long the user or visitor has stayed on that particular website, and it can also tell you how they got to that specific website or how they came across it or where they became familiar with it. “

This helps to see which type of users are more interested in the in the website and also can tell the owner of the website which kind of contents are preferred on the site by searching the amount of time the keywords have been used.


With, we can help you track the keywords that the users and visitors have searched for; we can help you know how many times those keywords have been explored. You can understand what they have searched for in the search bar of your website and the results it has yielded; you can identify which keywords produced no result and thus can improve the content of your site.

With the help of tracking sites like, you can improve your business by knowing which contents are most needed by the communities, visitors or the users of the website. Choosing will help you gain a better rank in the search engines by knowing which suitable contents you can add to your websites. When the site has a variety of materials that are desired and ideal for the visitors or users the website will be looked for more. It’ll also be spread around more by the visitors and users that are happily visiting the site.



Tracking the keywords of your website can help you get rid of unnecessary content that is no longer needed. This way you can improve your site be up to date. Deletion of useless content can keep a lot of visitors happy. If the website is up to date, that reflects responsibility on the owners of the website, which can lead to a better visitor or user count. Therefore, improving the status of the site on the search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, Bing, etc.

A lot of e-commerce business have risen to fame with the help of Tracking sites. As they have helped them identify the essential keywords that the consumers have sought after. They have also helped increase the traffic of the e-commerce websites by improving their positions in the searches of the search engines.

With the help of the Tracking sites like 1, you can personalize the content of your website by adding or removing features of the site based on the keywords searched, and the contents looked. Based on the categories the visitors or the users have sought for, suggestions can be given to the user or visitor if the website to help acquire their attention, which can help shape the status of the site in the long run.

Choosing will ensure you to have all the benefits of being on top.