This is our ethos video on YouTube. We know that so many website owners spend $1,000s on a website only to see that they never really get any visitors or customers. Organic traffic, which are those that search in Google or other search engines and click through to your site, is like gold dust. They’re far more likely to buy, to sign up or to be a ‘real’ visitor on your website compared to referral, social or paid traffic. This makes the click through and conversion rate of organic visitors so much higher than any other channel of traffic. But…..getting organic traffic means understanding SEO. And there are so many cowboys out there. The only way that you can really understand SEO is by doing it. Seeing what Google wants, seeing what they don’t want (getting penalties on purpose, for instance) and understanding link building. Without spending $1,000s more you’re essentially sharing the Internet with millions of other websites.

So, our idea was to provide the data that is essential in realizing where your site is in Google, are you targeting the right keywords (and not stuffing keywords everywhere!) and how to go about rising up the ranks so you gain the elusive organic traffic. Over time we will add more videos on our YouTube channel, so subscribe and check us out.

We also update our Facebook and Twitter pages, but a great way to interact is either using our contact us page or LinkedIn. We’ve been in the online marketing industry since 2009/10 and want people to succeed, so we’re more than happy to help if you’re struggling.