One of the major things people usually ignore while creating a website is the site structure. A site structure is a very important part of any SEO friendly site and should be created with utmost care. As the name suggests, a site structure is the structure of the website that includes all its pages and information. A typical site structure will have the home page, the product page, about us page, terms and conditions page and much more. The job of a developer is to decide how organized this structure is and how it can benefit the website in getting a better ranking in the search results.

How Important Is Site Structure?

As said, site structure is very important to get the top ranking on the search engines. The reasons for it are as follows:

  • Good User Experience

A site with a good and accessible structure will attract more and more users, and they will have a good experience. Since the user experience is one of the major factors considered by Google in ranking the websites, it can be really helpful in increasing your ranking which you can track with

  • Site Links

If the site structure is perfect, the site links can appear in the search results. The site links are the small links to the different parts of the website that appear along with the main website link. This can be a great way for the users to access the required parts of the website, eventually increasing your traffic.

  • Better for Crawler Access

The search engines use crawlers that take into account the site structure to show it in the search results. With a better site structure, it becomes easy for the crawlers to find the relatable content on your website. Hence, the chances of you appearing at the top of the results increases.

Create the Best Site Structure

Here is how you can create the best site structure for your website:

  • Plan It

The first step is to plan it. Do not start creating a website before planning the hierarchy of the content that you need to put in it. Make a handmade plan or an excel sheet plan to know what your website should look like after it is completely made.

  • Categorization Is the Key

The next thing to do is categorize all your pages. These categories will be added to the main menu of the website. If the category is too broad to fit into one, divide it into two. Make sure all the categories are of the same size.

  • Smart Internal Linking

Make sure that you do all the internal linking smartly. All the major pages should link to the subpages and vice versa. The hierarchy pyramid that you created will come in handy while doing the internal linking of the website pages.

  • Add Tags

Adding tags is also a great way to attract much traffic to your website. So, make sure that you add as many tags as possible. However, do not go overboard with it. Make sure you use one tag at least twice so that all the articles that belong to one tag can be accessed easily.

  • Focus on The Cornerstone Content

The cornerstone content is the pages that are critical for your content. These include the about us page or your mission etc. Make sure you put some focus to these and try and put keywords into them.  Additionally, it is very important for the home page to link to these articles so that they are easily accessible.

  • Avoid Content Duplication

Content duplication confuses the crawlers. Hence make sure that you do not duplicate the content on each of your website pages. Try and add unique content to every page or article on your website.

To Sum Up

As we have already seen, site structure plays a huge role in making your site SEO friendly. So, if you are building your website from scratch, make sure you pay attention to its structure. If you already have a website, try and make some changes to its structure to make it more organized.