Track-R asked me to do a report on my findings about their software when using it for one of my many websites, my Seiko SKX007 mods site. We are watch aficionados and manufacture Seiko SKX007 (and 009 Pepsi) mods for watches so they look totally unique or are homages to Rolex, Patek, AP and Omega (for the most part).

We are serial online marketeers and have known the owner of Track-R for a long time. We were asked to produce an account of Track-R and we helped with a few issues that we have with other rank trackers on the market. We have used, Link Assistant, Accuranker, ProRankTracker and many more. All of which have elements that are good, but miss the mark for us in many areas. The one area that ALL of them have that is annoying is that they are expensive yet produce inaccurate results compared to live data checking that Track-R does.

This is my favorite part of Track-R. The push on demand rank tracking updates. We need reports for our clients and the fact we can add our own logos (and different ones as we run a few companies), and produce reports for more than 2-3 emails as many of our clients want their CEO, marketing manager and usually another person to see the reports every month (or week, some of them are really quite demanding).

Anyway, our Seiko mod site for SKX007 helps people find ceramic bezel inserts that look like Rolex and other huge watchmaker’s sites. Also, double dome sapphire glass for SKX007, bracelets, rubber straps, watchmaker tools to make the mods to a Seiko SKX007 and many more mods that Seiko owners can make their watch as unique or as similar to their favorite Rolex for instance.

Track-R has helped us check on 1,000s of keywords across our websites, which is ideal as Google Suggest added many that we hadn’t thought of, and the fact we can see how many people are searching each month for the keywords we want to rank for is great. We know what keyphrases to target and what not to. We can track every day or multiple times per day and know exactly where Joot is for these Seiko SKX007 mod words.