Back in late 2011, Amit Patel joined our marketing company as our client. We helped him develop his Maldives Holidays website, which within just 4 months was completed and ranked to #2 in for his main keyword. Although now a serial website owner, previously Amit had dabbled with smaller websites and managed to get buy using PPC ads, but knew that organic search traffic was the best in bringing high quality, buyer’s traffic to his site.

So, he got in touch with us and we began. We took his benchmark rankings, of where the site was placed for Maldives holidays, luxury Maldives holidays, Maldives package holidays, Baros Maldives and many hotel based Maldives keywords. These formed our base keywords, but ‘Maldives Holidays’ at the time was the main keyword as it was being searched for 30,000 times per month. Now, in 2018 that figure is 90,000 so the rewards are higher but the competitors are vying for the same positions, too.

By using a benchmark report, we could show the Maldives holidays website owner just how our work was helping increase the rankings. This had a direct effect on the traffic coming to the site. Obviously, people Googling Maldives holidays, might use really long tail keywords such as Maldives holidays for a family of four over Christmas and by ranking for just Maldives holidays, you may get that Christmas Googling traffic too.

“Dan and his team made Simply Maldives Holidays work. They wrote all of the content at the time and performed online marketing so that we very rapidly started making lots of money. We are an ATOL protected travel agent and have a number of staff who take calls from potential holidaymakers looking to visit the beautiful islands (atolls) of the Maldives. We can arrange everything from the flights to India, short seaplane ride to the Maldives and boat trips, stunning hotels and adventures while you’re there. From the incredible lagoon or beach hut apartments to 5* hotels, there are many to choose from. Check out our website to look at which Maldives holiday hotel suits you.”

By tracking Amit’s website, we could see exactly what we were doing and how that affected the rankings. We went through a number of Google updates from Farmer, Panda, Penguin and many more smaller updates and each time we checked and made slight adjustments to the site, but it’s the link profile that Maldives Holidays has that really makes it rub shoulders and beats the bigger, huge corporations in the Google rankings. Without Track-R rank tracker, we cannot decipher the rankings and without that data we do not know how to proceed. For us, and Amit, and any website owner if you have one or more websites then you need a Google rank checker tool such as Track-R.