Keywords are one of the major factors that influence the Search Engine Optimization of any website or blog. Two kinds of keywords are used in the creation of content, and they include, long tail and short tail keywords. There is much confusion amongst the people who are new to the SEO and online marketing about the usage of these two keywords. They have their importance in online content. However, a constant debate over which one is better is always on amongst the users.

In this article, we will try to explain what a long tail and the short tail keyword is? Additionally, we will also try to identify the difference between these two keywords and how they can be helpful in the creating of SEO friendly content for a blog or a website.

What Is Short Tail Keyword?

A short tail keyword as the name suggests is a keyword that has one to three words in it. These are more generalized keywords that come to your mind while looking for something. For example, if you want a pizza, the short tail keywords might be pizza or pepperoni pizza and much more. These, are small in size and are more generalized ones. So, these are responsible for bringing lots of traffic to your website.

What Is Long Tail Keyword?

Long tail keywords are always more than three words. These are more targeted keywords that will not attract much traffic to your website but will always attract the right kind. For example, if you are looking for a pink raincoat for your dog, your long tail keyword would be pink dog transparent raincoat. This is giving all the information about the raincoat in just one keyword search.

Short Tail vs. Long Tail

Let us now do a side by side comparison of both of these keywords and determine which one is the better:

  Short Tail Keyword Long Tail Keyword
Volume The short tail keywords attract a bigger search volume for your website. The long tail keywords so not attract a lot of search volume to your website.
Competition There is much competition involved with the short tail keywords. There is less competition involved with the long tail keywords.
Cost The cost of the short-tailed keywords is high since there is much competition for buying them that their rates are automatically higher. The cost of the long tail keywords is lesser because they are unique and are not used as frequently.
Focus Since the short tail keywords are generalized, there is no target audience for them. So, there is less focus. The long tail keywords are targeted to the specific audience and have a much better focus than the short tail ones.
Conversion Rate The conversion rate is really low. For example, in every 1000 clicks, you might get 10 or lesser customers. The conversion rate is pretty high in the case of long tail since the clicks have a bigger probability of converting into customers.


To Sum Up

As we can decipher from the comparison above, the long tail keywords have a bigger chance of adding value to your content than the short tail ones. However, the short tail ones also have their advantage. If you are looking for more traffic to your website and are all right with the other demerits of the short tail keywords, you should have more short-tailed keywords on your website. However, if you are looking to grow your business and want to attract only quality customers, the long-tailed ones should be targeted. So, for an SEO friendly content, a person needs to have the perfect balance of the long and short-tailed keywords in the article or post to attract the audience. Not to mention, the content should be high quality in addition to the SEO optimization.