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It’s a mine field. With one ill-advised or stray link you can cause a huge problem for your website. As an online marketer, keeping clients’ from adding their link to some junk link farm or buying profile links from Fiverr has always been an issue.

If You Don’t Know, then Don’t Do Link Building

Link building is something you shouldn’t do. Unless you test, test, test – and let’s face it; it’s such a huge industry that needs 100% work 100% of the time. Most website owners and…..the bain of my life….web developers/designers simply do not have time to do. Web designers and developers are not online marketers and need to stop pretending they know how to rank a site.

Google has changed the landscape over and over and over again. Every 3 months on average. Most big SEO agencies are too stringent, too stuck in their ways, and too stagnant to change. The smaller SEO guys are the ones that are striving for success even if it means completely renovating their link building techniques over and over again. Most companies aren’t flexible enough to do that. Most people are humans. I’m not a human, obviously.

Google Doesn’t Always Publish the Truth

Google says, add content and links will grow. This isn’t true. I’ve tested it (there are those words again). I’ve had sites with 50k unique articles on it, indexed yes, but no link profile. People don’t just ‘find’ sites. They need to be shown them.

As I’ve suggested; this isn’t a subject that can be taught. It’s not something that you can learn today or even in the next 12 months. It’s difficult. It’s scientific. It needs continual improvement. It needs a genuine online marketer nerd. We know just the guys: click to get help for your website’s marketing.