Track-R asked me to write an article about my experiences with their Google Rank Tracking software from using it on my guitar straps website, so because I was part of the alpha testers (and know nothing really about the software), I could offer a layperson’s account of what customers might need, want, expect (even if I wasn’t sure), and what areas could be help make it easier to use.

Now, I run Bison Boa and we manufacture and create high-end leather guitar straps in the UK. We distribute globally (free postage) and have 1,000s of successful sales and very happy customers. The problem being was that we had no idea if we’d saturated the market – surely not, most guitarists have more than one guitar and there are millions of players that, if they saw my guitar straps they’d love them, so surely there are more people out there?

Well, that’s where I started Googling ‘where is my website in Google’, or what position is my site in Google for xyz keywords, and how can I increase my rankings? What I found was lots of websites that seemed like they just wanted my money and not really out there to help or give some tangibility to their product or service. But, that’s when I found TrackR – a company in its infancy at around a similar time to where I was trying to figure out if my site showed up when people Google’d ‘leather guitar straps’. Track-R was looking for alpha testers and they offered a free trial, so it didn’t make sense not to try it out.

First impressions before the real software was launched a few months later was that I had no idea where my site, or why, was in Google’s search engine. I inputted my keywords, just a few at a time, such as guitar straps, high end guitar straps, quality guitar straps, guitar straps for Fender. What I noticed was that the longer the keyphrase the higher up Google I was. But how was I going to ‘rank’ (to use Track-R’s phrases) for just ‘guitar straps’?

This is where Track-R really excels as they give out FREE advice for people that use their software. Something other companies would charge $1,000s for. They give tips, advice and all in a fairly-easy to follow way (I didn’t have much experience with websites before now so the learning curve has been steep but I feel like I’ve had an SEO consultant behind me all the way).

What I realized is that Track-R isn’t just a data tool. It’s a data tool that explains why and how you can make your website better. Surely, if they help then you stay their customer (and guess what? It has worked, $20pm is nothing for the amount of benefits you get from them). I am still a bit of a distance from ranking my site Bison Boa for guitar straps, but top end, high end, quality or best leather guitar straps I’m doing really well for and seeing those numbers increase so rapidly from implementing online marketing techniques has helped my website traffic increase and customer base grow.

So, it’s an absolute pleasure to a) stumble upon a site that just so happened to be exactly what I needed from a fairly new business b) write this blog to help people in the same position as me understand what Track-R is about c) give back something to Track-R for all of their help.

And d) so you know more about Bison Boa’s stunning guitar straps 😉