Following on from the on-page SEO blog, there were a few things missing but at 1,590 words, I thought that you could do with a break. Now, when it comes to writing content for your website or blog, I know a few things about that…..

I was a writer, a copywriter, editor and then moved into online marketing. I’m not that great at writing, but I have more of an idea than most especially when it comes to virtual content. Having written 14,000 words of web content in a day for weeks at a time, I’m probably responsible for 1% of the content ever written on the world wide web!

Anyway, keyword density. Most people get this wrong. They hear about it and think about it too much. Fact is: Google has got more and more clever. Over-egging the pudding with keywords is screaming out for a penalty – and the worst thing about it is that this is the sort of penalty that doesn’t show up on Search Console.

What used to be 5%, then 2%, then 1%; keyword density has moved on and on. As we’ve mentioned a few times, there is so much &£^& out there written by ‘gurus’ and ‘experts’ that no one really knows.


I do….

We’ve tested 100s of times since 2010. The best way to do it is to use the on-page SEO techniques mentioned in the previous blog and then just speak naturally. You cannot help sometimes have a 10% keyword density. Other times you might never mention the exact keyword within the content but related keywords will naturally crop up.

Use SEOQuake browser app and see what the kw density is. If it’s absolutely crazy – then change some of the keywords to similar/related keywords. This lets you hit long-tails keywords (more than 3 words) and other industry related terms.