Rankings on Google are one of the most important factors in determining how popular a website is and how many visitors it gets in a day. Numerous factors determine the ranking of the websites. There are mainly three kinds of rankings; Local, National and Global. If you are someone who is new to this concept of the Google rankings and wants to know about them, this article will help you. The article has everything that a person needs to know about the Google ranking and how is it important for the publicity of a website.


What Are Local, National and Global Ranks?


Google has an algorithm where it targets the ranking of the websites on the bases of the region, country, and the world. The local Google ranking is for the local vendors and the sites that are only trying to target a local audience. The Global and national rankings are for the people that are looking to target a bigger audience. For each of these ranks, you need to apply a region-specific approach that will involve designing all the factors such as the IP Address, Backlinks and the onsite content in a way that it targets the audience in the particular region. If you are someone who has a website that targets all the three rankings, you need to keep a tab on your rankings and improvise your strategies in the areas your ranking falls.


How Is It Effective?


As said, each of these rankings is area specific and targets a particular audience. Here is how these rankings can affect your website traffic:


  1.    Local Rank


If your site only focuses on the content that is meant for people in one region, then you need to optimize the content on your website so that if someone in your region searches for the term that is associated with your website, it comes at the top of the results. This is especially for the local restaurants, vendors and much more.


  1.    National Rank


If you are someone who is operating nationally like a shopping website or an information website. You need to design your content in a way that it includes country-specific keywords, backlinks and much more. This will improve your website rank in a specific country.


  1.    Global Rank


However, if you want to be the first at the Global level, you will need to be the first of both these rankings and also the Global rankings. You can apply the international geotargeting strategy or the multilingual targeting strategies. Both these will help you gain traffic from the different parts of the world. However, before you start targeting the worldwide audience, it is important to note that all the people in the world need the product or the services that are mentioned on your website. Convert your website to the countries that want your product and leave out the rest.


Who Needs The Local, National and Global Ranks?


The people who want to promote their business amongst the local people need to have a good local SEO ranking. The people who want a bigger audience and want to market their products to the people in the whole country or all over the world need the national and global ranking. There are different strategies required to target the audience in the local, national or global market.


To Sum Up


All the three local, global and national rankings hold importance in their places. All you need to decide as a website owner is which one of these three will benefit you the most. Although if you are a person who needs to focus on all three of these, make sure the content you put on your website is accessible to all people and is relatable to all of them.