Search Engine Optimization has become a necessity over the past few years. Although ever since the start of search engines, the optimization has been a big part of which the ranking of a site was decided by a website. With the change in time, the optimization has also seen a lot of changes and new ways have been devices to make the process even more accurate by the search engines. Here is all you need to know how and why search engine optimization has has changed over the years.

Why Has SEO Changed Over The Years?

Let us first discuss the need that the search engines had to make changes in the SEO over the years. The main reason was the increase in the number of the online websites. The online websites have grown in number by leaps and bounds. Every website holder applies some strategies to increase the rank of his website. The SEO techniques have been explored and exploited. To make sure that it becomes really difficult for any website to exploit the SEO strategies and trick the system by malpractices, the need of the change in SEO policy was seen.

How Has The SEO Changed Over The Years?

There are many changes that have happened in the SEO scene over the past ten years. The past decade has seen much online traffic, and hence these updates are pretty frequent. Here are some of the major changes in the optimization over the years:

  • More attention to the content quality

Since keywords are very important in the determination of the ranking of any website, people had started stuffing the keywords into the content rather than improving the quality. So, most of the articles that were showing in the top results made no sense. Hence, the algorithm was changed to pay more attention to the quality of the content and not the keywords.

  • Changes In The SERP

One of the most frequent and drastic changes that have happened is in the Search Engine Result Pages.  Although the changes have been really small, they were pretty frequent. Hence if we compare the search engine result page from 10 years back, it will be very different from the current.

  • The Link Scheme

The penalization of people who use the links to gain the audience has increased over the years illegally. The strategies to find the people exploiting this technique has also improved over the past ten years.

  • The Knowledge Graph

The knowledge graph is one of the biggest changes SEO has seen in the past few years. It was introduced to Google in 2012. This is a feature of the search engines to show the precise information about certain questions that are entered in the search bar.

  • Keyword Stuffing

The two major updates named Penguin and Panda does not let websites with keyword stuffing to increase their ranking. With the Hummingbird update, the semantic search was introduced. Now Google can tell the user intent and not just base the result on the individual keywords.

  • Mobile Friendly Algorithm

The algorithm of SEO has changed over the years. As people have started using mobile phones more than the computers to access the online websites. The SEO has also become more mobile friendly over the years.

  • Frequency Of Updates

The frequency of updates has increased over the year as the number of websites has increased. In the initial years, the updates were not as frequent. However, with increasing number of people who are ready to exploit the rules, the updates are pretty frequent.

Final Thoughts

The changes in the optimization have been really important over the years. This has made the SEO much more accurate and the ranking of the websites much easier.