Site tracking is a dominant feature that allows your website activity to connect with your sales and marketing process. A site tracking website like helps you observe and acknowledge the visitors of your site when they visit and look at specific contents, pages or categories. helps you understand what your marketing and sales strategies are doing, and that can increase traffic to your site which can help with your business. Therefore, increasing the customer/user-base of your website.

Site Tracking Vs. Analytics solution

Analytics solutions like Google Analytics give the statistics of particular website activity. It is a collection of data that has been collected to identify the different issues or flaws with your website.

Site tracking websites like Track-R give you a straight forwarded result of what each user or visitor on your website is doing. Track-R will help you to create personalized contents and give each visitor or user a unique experience that visits your site.

Improving your marketing

With you can track the users or visitors of your website at any given time. But there are few steps that you can take to help you increase your marketing strategies.

– You can take advantage of the most searched for content by the visitors and include more of that given content for the users or visitors of the website.

-For an e-commerce website, you can provide promotionally or discount vouchers and coupons to encourage them visiting more and spreading the site more.

– You may include suggestion bar for the visitors or users, based on the things they look for on the website.

With you can accurately know what details and content are most sought after and you can observe which material provides interest to each visitor or user. With that, you can offer appealing contents to the targeted audience. Therefore, this will bring in positive feedback from the users and visitors, which eventually leads to happy customers and higher traffic to your site.


We place a code on each page of the website; it will allow you to see the data collected on your website. We put cookies on that can track the content views by each visitor or user on your site. To help link content observed data to a visitor or a user you can ask the visitor or user to fill in their e-mail address. Hence, the e-mail linked can help identify the users or visitors on the website for more natural management. collects data of the pages viewed discreetly; only the page views collected after e-mail linkage are connected to the user or visitor of the site.

Making sure your website is up to date can have a very positive effect on the visitors or users that visit the site. It promotes a sense of responsibility that can profoundly impact a business image.

Making sure your website is up to date can have a very positive effect on the visitors that visit the site. It can help you build your contents to the desire of the visitors or users. It can be used as a guide for you to add or delete the contents of your website.

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