We were hired by CruzeWatches.com to help them expand their marketing presence online. They were tracking their rankings with Track-R.net and decided that they didn’t have the manpower or the knowledge of how to get seen. We gladly began helping a few days ago.

Yes, this is very early on in their forward movement in rankings, but we have already got them to the top #20 for a few keywords in a matter of days. This isn’t bringing any traffic yet, but with the some tweaks to their website – it’s still not quite finished, the prices aren’t live yet – but we wanted to show that anything we do helps their website grow. We have throttled back until the website is finished.

What we see is a technique in online marketing of a viral launch effect. We tailor the link building around watches, buying watches online, cheap men’s watches, automatic watches and of course, women’s watches. These are macro keywords that we then start to filter downwards and upwords from long and short-tail keywords.

Instead of catching low hanging fruit, we aim for all of the best and most commercial and marketable keywords possible that are relevant to the site.

CruzeWatches.com is a UK-based watch dealer website. It ships globally and in most cases, delivery even to the furthest lands are under 10 days. Most people get their watches within 3-4 days. That’s not bad for a new business that has just launched, most jewellers cannot even get close to that even after 50 years in the business!

So, we are glad to have another of our Track-R customers as an SEO client – this is why Track-R is better than other rank trackers out there as we know exactly what a client needs. Most other rank trackers are just data delivery softwares that don’t really tell the full story or how to make your rankings higher. We do.