We have Bywell Shooting Ground as a full SEO client and Track-R customer. They wanted to check their rankings in Google.co.uk for their website, covering such keywords as Perazzi shotguns, clay pigeon shooting clothing and associated accessories.

The firm sells shotguns both paired and single barrel guns. They must be picked up using a valid license, but can be shipped both in the UK and overseas. Many customers come from the European continent.

Bywell shotguns and shooting ground are well-known but many people don’t know that the site uses a brand new website that is easy to navigate and has guns, clothing, accessories, as well as bookings for clay pigeon shooting events in Northumberland.

We have helped the site rank to the top of Google for the majority of their website’s target keywords and they accurately get Google ranking positions from our Track-R tool. We can accurately find more keywords to target that are related, using Google suggest built in.