came to us way back in 2016 regarding their new and struggling dating site for gamers. They wanted to shake the industry up and we happily obliged. It didn’t take long to rapidly bring 10,000s of traffic to the site from organic marketing, we tracked over 1,000 keywords with Track-R | Google rank tracker.

The site offers some of the latest best games to new and existing customers, anywhere in the world such as the USA, UK, Germany, Japan, Australia and the ability to meet, chat and hang out with gamer girls who are looking for a date.

Not only does it blend a super-fun pasttime, gaming, but it also brings and connects people looking for love on their dating web app. There is a gamer dating app coming soon.

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In 2019, we moved into bigger and better link-building as GD’s budget increased massively. Their social marketing filling in the gaps, but organic traffic is where they really dominate and have done for way over 3 years.

Nerd dating and geek dating, are something people looking for gamer girls and gamers to date look for on Google searches, and we have helped them get to the top. Nerds and geeks as well as cosplay dating is a massive business and people looking to mix their hobbies with love, know exactly where to come:

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