Having been in client-based SEO/online marketing for 8 years, explaining the Google Dance was a regular occurrence to new customers….even though it was stated in the contract and in pre-sale talks.

Let me explain here as you’ve taken the best and next step for your website in buying Track-R; the world’s fastest and most accurate Google rank tracker.

It’s important to remember that in 99.9% of the cases, Google, to you and me, is a myriad of super-computers, servers (off-shore ones…) and it bases the search positions and rankings on various algorithms. The key to understanding this takes years of practice, testing, knowledge and experience. So give your SEO guys a break, if they’re good, they’ve invested $10,000s in learning their craft. If they haven’t, feel free to give them hell!

When you start a link-building campaign – please see our other blog before contemplating doing it on your own – the algorithms jump into action. This is the Google Dance. With quality, high-power, high-authority link building, taking care with link velocity, the algorithms adjust your site’s rankings. It’s not a direct route to the top, either.

For instance, when we first started Track-R two weeks ago, we began our link-building campaign. The amount of keywords we were ranking for in the first few days was:

51 then 71, then 75, then 149, then 315 and 374 on consecutive days.

The rankings of one particular keyword was nowhere for 2 days, then #11 then #79, then #37 and then #8. This is the Google Dance. For website owners not used to this, it can be frustrating and often it can last for weeks, sometimes throwing the keyword out for a week or so. However, this all depends on the type of link-building you do, how aggressive you are and the competitiveness of your keywords – and if your website is setup. In other blogs we explain about setting up your site, on-page SEO and online marketing.

If you need any further clarity on the Google Dance, please get in touch, we’d love to help.