Once you’re a Track-R customer, you will see in the dashboard that reading data from a Google rank tracker can be tricky at first. In fact, it can be difficult to set up your first campaign, but once you have it’s all plain-sailing from there on.

If this is your first website or your first rank tracker, your best bet is to follow our YouTube video that walks you through step-by-step on how to add keywords, add search engines and suggested keywords to your package. Once you’ve had a turn of our very generous 7 day trial period, simply select the package that you need – you can upgrade immediately if you prefer) and enjoy even more benefits.

Reading data from a rank tracker may look odd at first, but it’s quite simple.

The position is where our super-accurate crawlers and search engine spiders have found your site across an array of IPs, proxies and servers, so that you get the most real data. It is important to understand that Google and other browsers adjust the search engines depending on your regularity to websites. So if you’ve been on Track-R 10 times, then when you search for rank tracker it will be at the top and sometimes at #10 as Google et al knows that this is the site you’re most used to. However, real rank trackers act like customers you don’t know. They give the real results. The most accurate is the best so you know the reason why your site is receiving traffic or not.

The fact is, most people use mobile phones. It was predicted in 2011 that by 2015 60% of searches would be mobile or tablet based. That is true for many industries, but desktop is still vitally important for business to business searches, which is around 75% of our industry. Here in 2018, that figure is slightly higher than predicted so our site works super-fast 562m/s load time on mobile and desktop. Why am I mentioning site speed? Well that dictates, partially, where your site is placed in the rank tracker. If Google sees that your site loads in 6 seconds, for instance, it will immediately drop it down the rankings, at least out of the top ten if you were there before. To counter-act this, please get in touch as we have many on-page SEO solutions for you to have a website as fast as ours; only 4% of the websites in the world are faster than Track-r.net and that’s one of the reasons why we are in the top 5 for all of our main keywords we aim for (and 1000s of others that are related to them).

So, reading data from a rank tracker is vitally important to have the best, fastest, most accurate and that can laser-target down to country level and have servers all around the world. This lets you receive the best data. When you see that your main keywords are ranking at #50 in Google, you’ll realize that no one will visit your website. With our on-page SEO tips you can see direct results once you implement them. Once you see ranking increases from these tips, you will suddenly become very competitive and want to get into the top ten. This is where the online marketing bug begins….

So, to sum up:

If you Google your own website or keywords, you will receive incorrect data as your browser adjusts to your preferred websites.

If you use a rank tracker, you gain the valuable data you need to succeed.

If you use Track-R.net you get valuable information on how to increase your rankings rather than just having stagnant data. We help you succeed. Other rank trackers do not.