Definition: A rank tracker is a system or tool that shows the user where exactly a website is positioned in a search engine.

There are many reasons to have a Google rank tracker, here are a few key points as to why but if you don’t have time, have a look at our Google Rank Tracker video by

  • The search engines, especially Google, adjusts the results to suit the previous searches of the person searching, if they’re logged in. This means that if you keep Googling your own keywords to see where it is in the listings, it won’t be accurate. As you want customers, having a true figure of where they see your site in Google is more important than what you see.


  • It makes you competitive. If you’re #11 and you know the competition in the top ten are making lots of money, you want to do everything you can to trade places with them.


  • Return on investment – as with competitiveness, you start to build a marketing plan and looking at the ROI you know what works, and what doesn’t. Too many website owners stop at the build of the website, whereas the real cost of running a business is the marketing. But with that comes ROI from spending wisely.


  • You get to see what keywords you’re ranking for and their search volume per month. Customers searching for YOUR product may have 500 or 50,000 searches per month. If you know the figure and what position you’re in, then you can expect to gain traffic. Remember, the rule of thumb for conversion rates is 1%. Yep, so for every 100 customers you may get one sale, even if you’re at #1 for a buyer’s keyword ie sign up to google rank tracker.

Is Track-R Right For Your?

If you run a business in a highly competitive industry but you’re a one-person company with not much capital, then tracking rankings may not be for you. Spending time and money on fairs and joining events may be better. However, you could always use your free trial to see where your site is in the rankings for the keywords you want. If you see something that could be improved upon (we help with our blog content as well as have links to consultants and link building packages), then you can’t lose anything.

Data Monitoring With a Rank Tracker

Even if you’re the most creative of people and stats, numbers, charts and graphs just don’t tickle your fancy, using the data for your own benefit is worthwhile – and definitely worth the low monthly fee of Track-R.

With data, you can analyse, figure out and work towards your end goal of increasing customers to your website, which will either help you sell more products or get more people buying your service. Without data, you do not know what direction you’re heading in. This is why can really help ANYONE with a website. Working in conjunction with Google Analytics or another traffic viewer, you can easily see if what work you’re putting into your website is working.

Still Not Sure

Get in touch with us and show us your URL, if we think we can help you, even if it’s an information site then we will tell you. If we can’t, then we will tell you we can’t.