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About Us

Track-R is the best Google ranking and position software out there. Let me explain the reasoning behind such a bold statement

I’m Dan Martin, CEO of an online marketing and SEO company called Studio Ten. We have been running since 2009 and have been frustrated with every Rank Tracker that is on sale. We’ve been through every Google update, problem, industry and type of website (and client) in the world. We have continuously tested how link building works, how and why optimization of a website has changed throughout the years - and most importantly NOT listened to what’s talked about online with regards to online marketing. Using our testing, we need accurate data that is usable to ensure we make the right decisions. This is why we need the best rank tracker tool, and haven’t been happy with any.

How Being in Online Marketing Helped Our Google Rank Tracker Be the Best

We TEST everything. Thousands of tests every year. There are some general ‘rules of thumb’ that are talked about online regarding website development, search engine optimization and link building that is COMPLETELY 100% incorrect. Why? Because those ‘gurus’ want your money. We’ve always been the underdogs; the little guy; the ones under the radar. But, we’ve always got results in the most different industries (pharmaceutical, gambling, travel, finance), because we test extensively.

Being in the online marketing industry, we have huge amounts of knowledge and research (which is what our SEO customers pay for) so that we can continue to move forwards when Google changes the goalposts for the umpteenth time in a year.

THIS is what makes Track-R so special. We have been customers of the best (or only) rank trackers out there; we’ve helped a few companies make their tool better and questioned why other tools don’t do x, y and z as that would help not only us as customers but for their other customers.

This is why we developed Track-R. We’ve been customers of the best SEO rank trackers. We’ve never been happy with them. We decided to design a Google positioning tool to track keywords ourselves. Because, that is the only way that WE would be able to track rankings and our customers could, too.

Know Your Customers

We noted that some of the best ranking tools have CEOs that are computer scientists who then ask on SEO forums for help. This is great that they want to make a better tool, but without being a customer and knowing the industry and what your customers want, then you have no idea. It’s a reactive development process and one we have included in our development, but we start at such a higher level than others that we believe Track-R is the best keyword position tool on the market.

Of course, We’ll Listen

Along with our app and plugin development, we you want you as our customer to have the best experience of our software. We would love to hear from you if you have any special requests for Track-R, which may help you and our other customers. Drop us a message using the Contact Us page

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