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Online Betting On The Internet & The Rise of Bingo Apps

bingo appsOnline betting is any type of betting conducted via the Internet. This includes casinos, virtual poker and international sports betting. An increasingly popular type of online betting is Bingo.

There are many different types of online betting. Each has its own benefits and disadvantages. The easiest betting is through the use of point spreads. A points bet (or also known as a range bet) is a type of point betting where the bettor places a specified number of bets on a specified spread – that is, on each point that is possible, on one side of the field – and then tries to get the person with the best overall point total to come out on top.

The other main type of online betting is sportsbooks. Sportsbooks are the online equivalent of conventional bookmakers. The difference is that instead of being owned by a gambling company, sportsbooks are owned by a betting broker. The benefit to using a sportsbook is that the odds provided are almost always in line with what would be expected at a “real” bookie.

With the introduction of these new sports betting platforms, many Internet users have had to make a shift in how they do their sports betting. For example, they no longer have to rely on manually entering the odds and the results themselves. Thanks to the advances in technology there is now an online calculator that can calculate the odds for any given game and provide the users with their results in a matter of seconds.

Online Bingo is becoming really popular too, especially during lockdown. As people can’t go to bingo halls, they are getting their daily fix by downloading bingo apps and playing online. Check out the best bingo apps.…

How to play BlackJack and the betting of the game

At the beginning of the game, each player must place their initial bet, after all the players have placed their bets, the dealer will say “no more” to close the betting round and start dealing cards. The dealer will deal two up cards to each player and one to himself, also up. After the deal, the dealer will give way to the player located further to his left to play his hand, after this player plays his hand, the dealer will give way to the next player and so on until finally it is the dealer who play your hand.

Players who stay farther than 21 than the dealer or have bust lose their bets. Players who tie with the dealer do not win or lose, they get their bet back. The winning bets with the BlackJack play are paid 3 x 2 (which is the same as saying 1.5 x 1), the rest of the winning bets, players who have stayed closer to 21 than the dealer, will be paid 1 x 1 .

Each player only has one turn to play his hand, on his turn he can:

  • Ask for a Card: a player can have the cards they want as long as their hand is below 21 points. If when asking for a card the player goes over 21, the dealer will withdraw the cards and collect their bets.
  • Stand – A player can stand at any time.
  • Double: A player can double his bet. The bet can only be doubled at the beginning of the turn, after receiving the initial cards. To double the bet, you must place another bet of the same value as the initial bet. When a player doubles his bet, he will only receive one more card. In some casinos you can double with any score, however there are casinos that only allow you to double when the starting hand adds up to 9, 10 or 11.
  • Separate: when the two initial cards have the same value (a 10 and a face can be separated, they are cards with the same value) the hand can be separated into two independent hands. To do this, the player must make a bet equal to the initial one, in this way each hand will have its bet. The player will play each hand independently. If after splitting a hand the score of 21 is achieved with two cards it is not considered Blackjack, in the separated hands BlackJack can never be obtained.

Insurance Betting: Dealer’s Open Card is an Ace

If the dealer’s upcard is an ACE, the dealer immediately after the deal, before allowing players to play their hand, will offer players the ability to place insurance bets.

With the insurance bet a player insures himself against a possible BlackJack from the dealer, for this he must make the insurance bet by placing a maximum of half of the initial bet on the insurance line of the BlackJack table.

If the dealer gets BlackJack he will pay each player who placed the insurance bet twice (the insurance bet payout is at the rate of 2 x 1) of what they bet on the insurance line.

If the dealer does not hit BlackJack he collects all insurance bets.